TWICE’s Nayeon And Jihyo Prove That They’re Super Friendly And Polite, Even When They’re Terrified

They’re so sweet!

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Jihyo are so sweet that they’re still kind even when they’re scared out of their minds!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram
TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

In the previous episode of TIME TO TWICE, the members paired off into teams to look for clues to help them unlock their classroom after Sports Day.

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Last week, Nayeon and Jihyo were terrified while trying to complete their mission, but this week they were more polite than scared!

Although they both shrieked when a ghost appeared while they were searching a classroom for clues, Nayeon and Jihyo put their fears aside to ask the ghost what it was looking for. When the ghost replied “chalk,” Jihyo handed some chalk to the ghost with a laugh.

Nayeon and Jihyo were even friendly when a ghost surprised them in a cabinet when they searched the next classroom. Surprisingly, Nayeon and Jihyo weren’t scared, and Jihyo even apologized to the ghost for disturbing it before calmly closing the ghost’s cabinet.

When they met up with the last ghost outside the locked classroom, Nayeon and Jihyo greeted the ghost and apologized for making the ghost wait for them for so long.

Once they made it inside the classroom, Nayeon and Jihyo discussed how friendly the ghosts were with Chaeyoung and Mina. Nayeon said the ghost who wanted chalk was “so nice and so kind,” which made her feel bad for hating the haunted school mission.

We’re sure the chalk ghost and the other ghosts were thrilled to see how polite and kind Nayeon and Jihyo are!

See the full episode of TIME TO TWICE below.