These TWICE Members Got Drastically Closer Since Debut—Here’s What Happened

We love their friendship 💖

TWICE recently sat down for an interview with Cosmopolitan where they touched on their career, fashion style, relationships with one another, and more. On the latter, they were asked to name the members whose friendships have changed throughout the years.

Check them out below.

1. Jeongyeon

First up, Jeongyeon said that she and Chaeyoung have come a long way in the seven years since TWICE’s debut. Though they were always close, there used to be a barrier between them due to their age difference. Jeongyeon is the second oldest in the group born in 1996 while Chaeyoung is the second youngest born in 1999.

For me, it’s Chaeyoung. She’s one of the youngest ones in our band.

— Jeongyeon

Chaeyoung (Left) and Jeongyeon (Right)

Their relationship changed when Chaeyoung became an adult. With the help of some alcohol, they got to know each other even better.

As soon as she became legal to drink, we had a lot of drinking sessions. She really opened up and we got to know each other a lot better.

— Jeongyeon

2. Dahyun

Next up, Dahyun admitted that she and Sana were not best friends pre-debut. This was because they were coincidentally not assigned to be group mates in performances as trainees.

My relationship with Sana was not close at all when we first had our debut. We were in different [pre-debut] teams and we said hi to each other, but we never had any conversation—like real conversation.

— Dahyun

TWICE’s Tzuyu, Sana, Momo, and Dahyun Pre-Debut

This gradually changed when they both became members of TWICE. Dahyun is especially thankful for Sana’s caring and sweet attitude towards her.

But as the years went by, she became the person who cared for me the most. Especially when I’m sick or something, she’s the first to come and hold my hand.

— Dahyun

Dahyun (Left) and Sana (Right)

Sana agreed, remembering the little things she did for Dahyun.

Once we were doing a radio show and Dahyun had a stuffy nose—I helped her blow her nose.

— Sana

Now, everyone in TWICE is as close as can be!

Source: Cosmopolitan