TWICE Members Finally Open Personal Instagram Accounts—Here Are All Their Posts So Far

We’ve been waiting for this!

ONCE, rejoice! At long last, the members of JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE have finally launched personal accounts on the photo sharing site Instagram.


Fans have been eagerly anticipating the move, especially after seeing the girls share a single group account for years.

To commemorate the occasion, the members uploaded the same picture as their first posts. In the picture, they can be seen placing their arms around each other’s shoulders, their backs facing the camera. It was taken during a bright day in the Banc of California Stadium where they recently held a concert.

TWICE’s group photo in the Banc of California Stadium

Tzuyu and Mina, so far, are the only members to have shared just one photo. The others have already uploaded a second post to their respective accounts.

Without further ado, here are the TWICE members’ Instagram handles.

1. Tzuyu – @thinkaboutzu

First up is Tzuyu, and she captioned the photo, “Welcome, I’m Tzuyu.”

2. Mina – @mina_sr_my

Because it’s the beginning of her IG account, Mina’s caption was simply, “START.” She accompanied it with a penguin emoji, which could be due to one of her nicknames.

3. Jeongyeon – @jy_piece

Jeongyeon’s second post was a stunning selfie of her applying lipstick.

4. Momo – @momo

On the other hand, Momo shared a photo backstage, her face resting on her hand. She said, “Hi,” with a black heart emoji, matching her monochromatic outfit.

5. Nayeon – @nayeonyny

Nayeon shared a series of pictures on her account, and it was a mix between full body shots and pretty selfies.

6. Chaeyoung – @chaeyo.0

Given how artistic she is, it’s no surprise Chaeyoung is already sharing her art to the world! The colorful piece is intriguing and fun.

7. Sana – @m.by__sana

Next, Sana is looking as beautiful as ever in these photos. She’s wearing a handkerchief top and wide leg jeans.

8. Dahyun – @dahhyunnee

Dahyun showed off her toned body and cute outfit in her second Instagram post.

9. Jihyo – @_zyozyo

And finally, Jihyo gave fans a glimpse at her cute and casual side in this candid picture. She also greeted fans, saying, “Hi ONCE.”



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