TWICE Members Are Worried Fans Will Get Sick and Tired of Them

They’ve been talking about changing their image.

On January 31, TWICE members revealed their biggest worry to the new interns of Mnet’s Super Intern.

On this day, TWICE’s leader, Jihyo asked, “Can you tell us what kind of image you wish TWICE to have in 2019?

The reason why this question was asked is because the TWICE members had consistently talked about changing their image for quite some time.

The members confessed that they were starting to get worried that fans would get sick and tired of their cheerful and cute image.

In response, Intern Won Seo Young said, “We were thinking of continuing with the cute image, and if we were to make changes, they would be to have more global appeal.

She continued and said, “We were also thinking of trying to thank your fans more in your lyrics.

Intern Lee Jung Bin added, “Do you get sick and tired of your good friend of 10 years? No way. Fans think of their idols as their friend, and their affection for them grows over the years.

She assured the TWICE members that since their nature is building friendships with their fans, they won’t have to worry about that.

Do you understand Jihyo’s concern and agree with the interns’ thoughts?

Source: Insight