TWICE’s Mina Has A Beautiful English Name, But Some Members Weren’t Aware Of It

Do you know what it is?

The lovely Mina from TWICE is Japanese, works in Korea, and—in case you didn’t know—was born in the United States.

Because of that, her parents decided to give her an English name. Avid fans may already be familiar with it, but it turns out some of her members weren’t!


In celebration of their 6th anniversary, TWICE answered a quiz about themselves. One question about Mina was, “What is Mina’s English name?

Mina instinctively knew the answer. Momo and Nayeon, however, had blank expressions on their faces. They asked in confusion, “What is it?

Chaeyoung cried out in frustration, “I know this…

On the other hand, Sana grinned and confidently shouted, “Totally!

No one could top Tzuyu‘s answer, though! Jihyo glanced at her board and thought she was going to write “MINA,” plain and simple.

Tzuyu clarified that her actual answer was simply “MI.”

I was just going to write ‘MI.’

— Tzuyu

So what is Mina’s real English name? It’s none other than Sharon!

Hilariously, Momo wrote “Justin”…

…while Nayeon admitted that she was about to write “Sebastian.”

TWICE answered many more questions besides the one about Mina’s English name. Take the quiz yourself below!

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Source: YouTube


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