TWICE’s Mina Confidently Shows Off Her Bare Face In A Recent Vlog, And She’s Stunning

Her glass skin is unreal!

TWICE‘s Mina is famous for her incomparable beauty. She shines in photoshoots…

TWICE’s Mina

…music videos…



…and, of course, in everyday activities. In fact, the “Alcohol-Free” singer is arguably at her most gorgeous when she isn’t wearing a speck of makeup!

Mina recently showed off her bare face in a vlog filmed during TWICE’s U.S. tour. After their concert in Oakland, she took fans along with her to her hotel room where she removed her makeup.

I’m back at the hotel after the concert. I gotta wash my hands. First things first, let’s remove the makeup. The more I put it off, the harder it is to get myself to do it, so I gotta wash quickly.

— Mina

She laughed and joked, “The process might scare ONCE a little.

After washing her face, far from being scary, she looked incredible. She boasted glass skin free from any blemishes.

With that face, she doesn’t even need makeup! Whether she’s wearing it or not, however, she always manages to leave fans breathless.

This isn’t the only time Mina stunned with her visuals. Check out 11 of her most gorgeous pictures for luxury brand Metrocity below.

11 Of TWICE Mina’s Most Gorgeous Pictures For Luxury Brand Metrocity As Their Newest Muse

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