TWICE’s Mina Pinpoints Why They’re One Of The Most Successful Girl Groups In The World

She believes there’s one specific reason.

The K-Pop industry is notoriously cut-throat. Hundreds of groups debut every year, but only a small number gain recognition and even fewer reach the top. Out of this tiny percentage, JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE can be counted as one of the most successful in history.


The group is credited for releasing hit song after hit song, including “Cheer Up” “TT,” and “Fancy,” among others. These tracks were so popular, they even took over the general public!

TWICE’s immense popularity was brought up in a recent interview with GRAMMY where they were asked what they think makes them so successful.

You’re one of the top girl groups in the world right now. That can come with a lot of pressure, but why do you think TWICE has been so successful over the years? What do you think draws listeners in?


It’s been nearly seven years since the group’s debut in 2015, but they continue to attract new fans and retain loyal ones. It isn’t an easy feat, but Mina believes there is one thing that separates them from others.

TWICE’s Mina | @mina_sr_my/Instagram

According to the Japanese member, the group’s success can be attributed to their distinct music. They may have tried a variety of sounds throughout their career, but it’s always easy to tell that it’s a TWICE song. Fans know and love their music, so they keep coming back for more!

I believe the unique point of TWICE is that we are always true to our music style. Even though we’ve tried different concepts and genres over the last years, our music has that power of making the listeners realize that they are listening to TWICE’s song. I think [that’s] what attracts listeners to our music and our group.

— Mina

| @mina_sr_my/Instagram

If there’s one thing people can count on, it’s that the girls will always release good music that is distinctly their own. There may be several other reasons why they become a top K-Pop group, but this is undoubtedly one of them.

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Source: GRAMMY