Here’s What TWICE Would Do If They Kept Running Into A Person They Aren’t Close To

It would be an awkward situation for many people!

One of the most awkward moments in life is unintentionally crossing paths with someone multiple times. It’s much worse if you aren’t even close to the person and you’re far from being the sociable type!

Recently, TWICE was asked what they would do if that situation happened to them in real life.

You keep running into the person you saw randomly at the same location over and over again.

— Mina

Mina didn’t have to think long about her answer! If she were to repeatedly bump into a person, she would approach them first.

I should probably talk to that person.

— Mina

She acted out how she would greet them, saying amiable, “Hello! We keep running into each other.

Momo, on the other hand, would also greet the person. Her reason is simple—she knows the person and thinks it’s only polite to say hi!

It means I remember the person.

— Momo

Unlike the other two members, Sana wouldn’t be able to muster up the courage to approach the person. She probably thinks it would be extremely awkward!

I could never talk to that person!

— Sana

Are you more like Sana or Mina and Momo?

In the same video, TWICE’s Tzuyu revealed what she would do if she saw someone in the same outfit. Read more about it here:

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Source: YouTube