TWICE’s Mina Recounts Her Most Traumatizing Encounter With A Cockroach

Same, Mina πŸ˜‚

Like many of us, TWICE‘s Mina is can’t stand cockroaches! The very sight of it scares her and makes her freeze in place.

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In a recent video, Mina was asked to pick between moths and cockroaches. “Every time you take five breaths, you get either moths or cockroaches.”

Without any hesitation, she picked moths.

Moths because I can catch them using cups or whatever once they land. But cockroaches…They fly and move incredibly fast. I can do something about moths.

β€” Mina

She then shared her most traumatizing encounter with a cockroach, which occurred when she was by herself in TWICE’s dorm.

We once had a cockroach in our dorm. It was so silent. It just stayed there. It stayed there and made eye contact.

β€” Mina

The moment they locked eyes, Mina couldn’t move. In her words, “Time just stalled.

She hated cockroaches so much, in fact, that she didn’t learn how to write the Korean word for it in fear of seeing its pictures online.

I had only ever uttered the word ‘cockroach’ in Korean and had never written it. I couldn’t even search for it because I was afraid photos would come up.

β€” Mina

As a result, she was unfamiliar with the correct spelling and misspelled it when she texted her manager.

So I texted our manager about it and I wrote it wrong. I wrote ‘kockroch.’ You get me, right? I didn’t even want to search it.

β€” Mina

Ending the story, she shared that her clearest memory from that time was being unable to do anything. “It was so shocking, and I couldn’t do anything.

Hear more stories from Mina in the full video below!

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