TWICE’s Mina Is Going Viral For Her Twerking

She kept her promise and improved her skills.

TWICE kicked off their READY TO BE world tour in Seoul with solo stages that amazed fans. In fact, Mina did a cover of Ariana Grande‘s “7 rings” and shocked fans with her twerk skills.

Mina | @dreamnara0324/Twitter

Proving herself as the main dancer, Mina effortlessly slayed the choreography. And she didn’t disappoint with the highlight.

At one point in the song, Mina showed off her twerking and ended it with a smooth hip roll that left everyone shook.

Fans couldn’t get over Mina’s twerk skills, sharing and watching the moment numerous times.

They also couldn’t get enough of Mina’s confidence, pointing out her smirk after nailing it.

Since Mina previously said she could improve her twerking, she definitely exceeded expectations.

| @dreamnara0324/Twitter


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