TWICE’s Mina Reveals She Wants To Try Rapping, Here’s What Inspired Her

Are you excited to hear her rap? ❤️

TWICE may have a new rapper in the group one day! When answering questions about herself in a recent video, Mina revealed that she wants to try rapping in a future song.

As she ate her meal, she was asked what kind of concept she wants TWICE to try next. “What concept do you want to try next?

She picked a style similar to “CRY FOR ME.”

Performance-wise, I liked ‘CRY FOR ME.’ I like that sort of dark and heavy feel. I like that a lot.

— Mina

Aside from dark and heavy songs, she is also interested in hip hop. “That and…maybe hip hop?

Her interest in hip hop inspired her to start learning how to rap. Unfortunately, she finds it difficult to find appropriate songs because many have explicit lyrics.

I want to try rapping, so I’m searching for a song, but many of those songs are pretty mature…so it’s hard.

— Mina

Are you excited to hear Mina rap one of these days? In the meantime, see more of Mina in the full video below!

Source: TWICE