TWICE’s “Mom” Jeongyeon Reveals Which Member Is The Most Demanding

Jeongyeon had some motherly words for two members in particular.

When TWICE appeared on a new episode of Jessi‘s Showterview, “mom” of the group Jeongyeon revealed which fellow member is the most challenging to look after.

When Jo Jung Shik asked whether Jeongyeon is really known as the “mom” of TWICE, Jeongyeon confirmed it’s true. Momo chimed in to reveal that Jeongyeon earned the nickname for being “very caring” and “good at organizing things.” Of course, a mother’s job is never easy, which is why the Showterview hosts wanted to know which of Jeongyeon’s “kids” is the most demanding.

Jeongyeon | Mobidic/YouTube

Rather than shying away from the question, Jeongyeon cracked everyone up by announcing, “So many of them.” That said, there’s one member in particular who Jeongyeon finds the most demanding: Momo.

“Baby Momo”; Momo (left) | Mobidic/YouTube

But why? Jeongyeon explained that she and Momo are roommates. While fans aren’t sure of the members’ exact current living situation, “JeongMo” started rooming together during TWICE’s rookie days and even used to share the same bed.

Jeongyeon & Momo’s bedroom | Mnet

Living in such close quarters with someone can’t always be easy, but Jeongyeon revealed that one of Momo’s habits in particular is especially demanding: “What’s unique about this friend is… after ripping a price tag off of clothes, she never throws it away in the bin.” Instead, Jeongyeon says Momo just leaves the tags on the floor.

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Jeongyeon, who Momo describes as “on the neat side,” went on to say that she’s tried to ignore this until Momo throws the tag away. But when she doesn’t intervene, Momo will leave the tags on the floor for months.

“True, true” | Mobidic/YouTube

Even after two to three months, it stayed where is was!

— Jeongyeon

Jokingly excusing Momo’s habit, Jo Jung Shik suggested that maybe Momo was planning to sell the tags, while Jessi proposed that Momo wanted to put the price tags back on the clothes to sell them as new! “Of course,” Momo joked, “I have everything planned!”

Jessi (far left), Nayeon (left) | Mobidic/YouTube

But while Momo is the most demanding TWICE “daughter” in mom-like Jeongyeon’s eyes, there was another member Jeongyeon felt needed her advice: Tzuyu. When asked to say anything she wants to another member straightforwardly, Jeongyeon decided to give some guidance to the maknae.

Jeongyeon shocked everyone when she started with, “Tzuyu-ya… you need to learn how to survive this society!”

“Oooh, how savage!” | Mobidic/YouTube

But Jeongyeon quickly explained herself, noting that as a foreign idol working in Korea, Tzuyu has had such a hectic schedule that she hasn’t had much of a chance to learn about budgeting and income management. Given how successful TWICE as become, Tzuyu must have a lot of money at her fingertips.

Tzuyu (right) | Mobidic/YouTube

Jeongyeon went on to clarify that Tzuyu doesn’t “splurge” with her money, but when she does buy something, she never stops to compare prices. Instead, she just buys items without knowing whether she’s getting a good deal.

| Mobidic/YouTube

Look how pretty [Tzuyu] is! No problem with her having a minor weakness… Even her weakness is so charming.

— Jessi

Source: Image and Mobidic