TWICE’s Momo Had An Immediate Answer When Asked If She’d Be Willing To Compete In Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”

She’s TWICE’s main dancer.

TWICE‘s Momo is famous for being a dancing queen!

When it comes to dancing in the world of Korean entertainment, there’s one show that has recently gained widespread attention: Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter. Here, eight female dance crews battled it out to be named Korea’s best.

When asked if she watched the show, Momo immediately replied in the affirmative. She said she “loved it” and supported YGX‘s Lee Jung the most.

I loved it. I loved everyone. I like Lee Jung the best.

— Momo

This would not come as a surprise for some since the two are friends in real life. Momo pointed out that they have similar ways of dancing and that Lee Jung is a genuinely good person.

We’ve worked together so she and I have similar styles. She is so charming.

— Momo

The interviewer then asked a question that many viewers were thinking—would Momo be interested in competing in Street Woman Fighter if given the chance?

Her answer was simple and quick: “I’m fine.” She smiled and nodded her head as if to say she wouldn’t want to go through such a tough experience.

Momo also moved her hands to motion away the very thought of joining the competition. Her fellow members laughed and said, “We’ve been imagining it.”

Like all survival competitions, Street Woman Fighter was not devoid of hardships for the contestants. Tight schedules, evil editing, and more would deter many people from agreeing to join even hypothetically.

At least for Momo, she’s happy being a viewer instead of a contestant!

Catch the full video below to learn more about TWICE.

Source: YouTube