Momo and Nayeon Show Fans What a Vacation Is Really About Through These 5+ Photos

It looks like a well-deserved trip.

On January 16, Momo and Nayeon uploaded their vacation photos along with the caption:

“Ta-da! Vacation photos!”

The photos show the two TWICE members on vacation in Momo’s country, Japan.

They were seen posing with adorable minions:

And trying out the region’s butterbeer:

Fans were especially drawn to Momo and Nayeon’s matching bear hats that they wore throughout their trip:

In response to this post, fans expressed their joy in seeing them enjoying their vacation:

“Since you always work really hard, have as much fun as you can, Momo and Nayeon!”

“I hope you have a great time!”

“Where are the other TWICE members? You should have fun together!”

They look like they had a great time!

Source: Newsen