TWICE’s Momo Reveals The Soundtrack To Her Life And The Reason Will Have You In Tears

Momo’s such a strong person!

TWICE‘s Momo just revealed the soundtrack she’d pick to define her life, and the reason why will make you tear up.

TWICE recently sat down for an interview with Buzzfeed, where they talked about a lot of things; the topics ranged from their feelings about their “Nation’s Girl Group” title to their TWICELIGHTS tour, and they were even asked about the impact of their recent Korean comeback, “Feel Special”!


One of they questions asked to them was,

If you had to choose one song as the soundtrack to your life, what would it be?



While most of the members gave memorable answers for many reasons (such as Nayeon claiming that “Feel Special” would be her life soundtrack because she believes its one of TWICE’s most sincere songs), it was Momo’s heartfelt answer that made ONCEs cry.


Momo picked Whiz Khalifa‘s “See You Again” featuring Charlie Puth as the soundtrack to her life. The reason she picked this song was because it serves as a strong reminder of her elimination from the survival show that made TWICE, SIXTEEN, and also reminds her to keep going strong, because if she keeps working hard, everything will fall into place.

It is really hard to choose only one song as the soundtrack of my life, but the most memorable song is ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth.

When I was eliminated from Sixteen, that song was playing in the background. During that time, when I listened to it, it reminded me of my elimination and it was quite a painful memory. However, I kept going and I knew what my dream was, and now I’m here!

That’s why that song is so meaningful to me. It makes me remember where I was, and realize where I am now, and reminds me that if you keep going, anything is possible.



During SIXTEEN, where all the participants were competing hard for a spot in JYP Entertainment‘s new girl group, Momo was notable for her dance skills, and it came as a big shock to most when she was eliminated from the show in episode 6. Momo was, however, brought back as the last and final member of TWICE in the last episode of SIXTEEN, and has made fans fall in love ever since as the main dancer of the group!

Her impeccable dancing abilities, silly personality and adorable smile have made her an irreplaceable part of the group, and fans cannot imagine TWICE without its best dancer, Momo!


TWICE is currently on their TWICELIGHTS tour, which will resume in February 2020. They’ve had a bright and fruitful year, releasing great music and breaking tons of records in the process!

Watch their latest release “Fake & True” from their second Japanese full album &TWICE here!

Source: Buzzfeed


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