TWICE’s Momo “Scanned” Herself And Sana At Their Pop-Up Store, And Her Response Had Everyone Laughing

They may be worth millions, but does Momo think so too?

JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE recently visited their 7th anniversary exhibition and pop-up store, and a lot of fun ensued! They had a blast looking at their own merch…

…checking out their photocards…

…signing autographs, and writing messages for fans.

But one of the highlights was when Momo took on a “side job” as a cashier, and she shouted out the most outrageous prices! For example, she got ahold of one item and scanned it. Without even looking at the register, she said it’s worth “100 million won,” which is roughly $73,000.

But she didn’t end there. She then scanned herself…and said a much lower number than the group’s actual net worth. “1,000 won,” she joked. That’s not even equivalent to one dollar when the girls are known to be earning millions!

And just for good measure, she also scanned Sana. However, she joked that Sana was worth the same amount—1,000 KRW. Everyone laughed when they heard the number.

Momo may have joked that she’s only worth 1,000 KRW, but there’s no secret how wealthy she is. In fact, she recently stayed the night at a luxury hotel’s most expensive room. See just how expensive it is here:

TWICE’s Momo Stayed At The Priciest Room In A Luxury Hotel, Where 1 Night Costs More Than Some Tuition Fees

Source: YouTube


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