TWICE’s Momo Suffers Head Injury While On Tour

Momo was injured on the very last day of the tour.

TWICE‘s Momo suffered a head injury during the last night of the group’s US tour.

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TWICE ended their US tour on February 27 with their second show at the UBS Arena in New York. Like they did throughout the whole tour, the members put on an amazing show that night!

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At the end of the show, the members went live on TikTok to talk about their tour.

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During the live stream, Momo mentioned that she had hit her head backstage in between “Cry For Me” and “Scientist.” She said there’s a low bar backstage near where the members change, and they usually stay bent over while heading back on stage.

Although the members are usually cautious while moving around backstage, Momo was so thrilled that the last performance was going well that she forgot to bend down, and she hit her forehead on “a very big pillar.”

When she hit her forehead, Momo bit her tongue at the same time.

She revealed that she bit her tongue so hard that she started bleeding.

Momo was very shaken up after she hit her head. She said, “I was in this state of thinking I was going to lose my memory, and I went to Jeongyeon crying ‘What do I do?'”

Momo was crying very hard and shaking after she hit her head, but she went up on stage to perform “Scientist” anyway. She said, “My eyes really couldn’t focus. I was thinking, ‘What do I do?’ with tears falling.”

Jeongyeon said Momo still did a great job performing “Scientist” despite hitting her head, and Nayeon explained that the members are all in a rush before performing “Scientist” because they have very little time to change into their costumes, so any one of them could have hit their heads like Momo did.

After Momo’s story, Chaeyoung said that she was so worried about Momo that she messed up the lyrics to “Scientist.” She said, “You were on my mind, so when I was supposed to sing ‘If you’re gonna give up in the middle,’ I was looking at you so I only sang ‘in the middle.'”

Mina said she messed up the “Scientist” choreography while looking at Momo.

Shockingly, Momo revealed that she didn’t even remember performing “Scientist” at all.

Although Momo doesn’t recall performing “Scientist,” she did a great job on stage. If she hadn’t revealed that she hit her head during the live stream, ONCEs would have never guessed that she was injured.

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This was not Momo’s first time suffering a head injury. She once revealed on Knowing Bros that an elementary school classmate pushed her into a wall so hard that she started bleeding. After this incident, Momo’s grades started to drop, and her English skills worsened.

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