4 Times TWICE’s Momo Was The Most Thoughtful Person To Her Members In Latest Vlog

She’s a sweetheart ❤️

It’s no secret that TWICE‘s Momo is a kind and hardworking person, and she once again proved why in her latest vlog! Throughout the video, Momo exerted a ton of effort for her members and the member she is in charge of giving a Secret Santa gift.

From cooking a scrumptious meal to personally designing a shirt, check out four of Momo’s most thoughtful actions in the vlog below!

1. Going grocery shopping

Momo decided to go grocery shopping late at night to buy ingredients for handmade chocolate that she was planning to gift a lucky member.

I’m at the grocery store to get ingredients for chocolate, which I’ll give as my Secret Santa gift.

— Momo

She picked up some cocoa powder and a hot cocoa mix, among other grocery items.

2. Cooking a meal

When on her way back from the supermarket, she shared her plans of making fish cake soup in addition to the handmade chocolate.

I wanted to eat some fish cakes, so I’ll make some later as well. See you soon!

— Momo

The next day, she stayed true to her promise even if she wasn’t sure it would turn out well!

It’s my first time making this dish. I’m not sure if it will be good, but I’ll still try for the girls. Trying is always good.

— Momo

She painstakingly set out the ingredients and proceeded to whip up the fish cake soup.

The finished meal was undoubtedly a success! It looked delicious, and her members agreed, saying, “It’s yummy!

3. Preparing a chocolate treat

After the meal, Momo went ahead with preparing the handmade chocolate.

She mixed the ingredients together and put them in the fridge to set.

Afterwards, she cut them into bite-sized pieces and sprinkled cocoa powder on top. It almost looked too pretty to eat!

4. Personally designing a shirt

Best friend Sana was there to give her advice and cheer for her when she started drawing on the shirt was planning to give as well. “You can do it! Don’t be nervous.

Momo had previously revealed that she wanted to give her recipient some chocolate and a shirt because they were “practical” gifts.

I want to give something practical as my gift. The person likes chocolate. I also bought a white t-shirt, so I’ll draw something on it. Just a rough sketch.

— Momo

She proceeded to draw on the shirt using multiple colored markers.

Although the finished result was blurred out for viewers, it nonetheless looked beautiful with its fun and colorful design!

The recipient is extremely lucky to be receiving handmade gifts that Momo worked hard on!

Catch more of Momo in the full video below.

Source: TWICE