TWICE’s Nayeon Goes Viral For Being “Bunny Pretty” — But This Is How She Actually Feels About Rabbits

Poor Nayeon! ๐Ÿ˜‚

TWICE‘s Nayeon is known for her adorable bunny visuals!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @heartlipped/Twitter

Her round eyes, cute teeth, and overall appearance reminds ONCE of a bunny, so they often bring many gifts to fansigns like rabbit ears, carrot plushies, and more.

She can also flawlessly imitate the rabbit named Snowball from the movieย The Secret Life of Pets!

Not only do her fans love referring to her as a bunny…

…she has also went viral on Twitter for being “bunny pretty,” or looking like a rabbit in a cute way!

However, Nayeon has an unexpected secret when it comes to bunnies!

What does a rabbit mean to me? It’s something I look for even if it’s scared. I’m really afraid of rabbits. Aren’t they scary?

— Nayeon

One time, she was on set with bunnies and realized just how much she feared them.

When I had the chance to work with rabbits, I couldn’t look them in the eyes.

— Nayeon

Instead of big and scary animals, little rabbits give her the creeps!

It’s a rabbit that I go for when I draw and when I look for a character. Something I look for even if it’s scary?

— Nayeon

It’s official: A rabbit can be afraid of a rabbit!

Throwback: Nayeon was afraid of the bunnies on set for “More & More!”

You guys are cute but scary..

— Nayeon

Watch her full interview with BAZAAR Korea below.