TWICE’s Nayeon Chooses Mexico As Her Favorite World Tour Location—Here’s Why It Stood Out

She can’t forget it!

TWICE has held concerts in numerous locations around the world since their debut, but Mexico is Nayeon‘s personal favorite.

TWICE’s Nayeon

In 2019, the group held their TWICELIGHTS world tour concert in the country, and it was an experience that Nayeon fondly remembers until this day.

She revealed the reason why in an interview with Y Magazine. According to Nayeon, the most memorable part of the night was hearing the deafening screams of fans.

TWICE in Mexico | @misayeon/Twitter

They were so loud, in fact, that the members couldn’t even hear the song through their in-ear monitors!

I remember when we went to Mexico. We were wearing in-ears on both sides, but the cheers went through the devices so loudly that we couldn’t hear the song.

— Nayeon

They were really passionate. I wish I could go there again,” Nayeon wistfully said.

Agreeing, Jihyo added that the country she wants to have a concert in the most is Japan. They were originally scheduled to have one in the famous Tokyo Dome, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19. Because of that, she can’t wait for the day it will finally happen.

We were going to have a concert at the dome, but it was cancelled because of COVID, so I hope we can go to Japan again and have a concert at the dome.

— Jihyo

Here’s to hoping TWICE’s dream concerts can be held sooner rather than later!

Source: YouTube


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