TWICE’s Nayeon Exposes Her Insanely Busy Life As An Idol — And It’s Not For The Weak

Idol life is TOUGH.

TWICE Nayeon‘s recent vlog exposed her hectic schedule as an idol. Arriving in New York, she was ready to record her experience attending the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show.

Prior to arriving, Nayeon revealed just how busy she was in parts of both South America and Central America.

I’m here after being on a South American tour, went to Mexico, finished a concert in Brazil, flew to New York, and just arrived now.

— Nayeon

Immediately upon arriving to New York, she ate breakfast and took a shower to start yet another busy day.

After so much traveling and barely any sleep, she was “completely out of it.”

As if all of that wasn’t enough, she was also headed back to Korea on the very same day!

I arrived today, but I’m going to Korea today, too.

— Nayeon

She couldn’t help but laugh in disbelief at her crazy schedule, and even inserted a caption that said “What a life I lead.”

Soon, it was time to start getting ready for the fashion show!

She shared that she got a little bit of sleep on the plane so it didn’t feel like an all-nighter.

Luckily, her excitement to be in New York completely woke her up!

Check out more below.

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