A Fan Taught TWICE’s Nayeon A New English Word At A Fansign — And It’s Too Cute

The way she uses it in a sentence is so precious.

Recently, a lucky fan had an opportunity to meet Nayeon at TWICE‘s Eyes Wide Open Fan Call Event.

He decided to teach her the slang word “hella.” Nayeon adorably repeated the word, mimicking “hello” with her hand.

Using it in a sentence, she asks if describing herself as “hella pretty” makes sense — and ONCEs totally agree!

Her proud expression when she understood the meaning would make anyone’s heart melt.

She ends the lesson by using the term again, this time in a very endearing way.

Hella miss you!

— Nayeon

Even when learning, Nayeon is bursting at the seams with cuteness!

Watch the precious moment below!