TWICE’s Nayeon To Be The First Guest Star Of Red Velvet Yeri’s Upcoming New Reality/Variety Show

Yeri and Nayeon said stan #TWICEVELVET!

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Red Velvet‘s Yeri said #TWICEVELVET is coming soon!

On May 27, Yeri surprised fans by going live on Instagram! While fans were happy to see Yeri’s bright smile and cute antics, they were even happier when they saw Nayeon come into the frame as well!

Nayeon and Yeri seemed to be having a great time, playing around, joking and laughing when Yeri made the big reveal!

Earlier this month, SM Entertainment revealed that Yeri will be hosting her very own reality/variety show, titled Yeri Bang.

The first episode is to be released on June 8, at 10 AM KST through a YouTube channel called Dum Dum Studio.

The episodes of Yeri Bang will be released every Monday and Wednesday, and in the Instagram live with Nayeon, Yeri revealed that Nayeon will be the first to make a guest appearance on her show! Yeri also revealed they were currently recording the second episode of Yeri Bang, due to be released on June 10!

Yeri: “You look really pretty on camera right now.”

Nayeon: *winks*

Yeri: “Anyway, she will appear as a guest on my program- actually, she will be the first guest!”

Yeri: “Am I allowed to say this? I already said it so what can I do now”


ONCEs and Reveluvs know that Yeri is close friends with TWICE, especially Nayeon and Chaeyoung! Fans have seen Nayeon and Yeri’s close friendship many times, such as when Yeri called Nayeon during one of the episodes for Secret Unnie:

The two have also been seen hanging out at ISAC, and here are the pictures to prove it!

Most recently, during her birthday in March, Yeri showed up at a cafe to meet and greet her fans! As she had a good time with them, she kept worrying about a friend who was standing outside and waiting for her. Fans soon realized that the “friend” was none other than Nayeon, who cutely accompanied her to her birthday event!

Fans are very excited for this upcoming #TWICEVELVET moment!


The first episode of Yeri Bang will be released on June 8, 10 AM KST! Are you looking forward to it?