TWICE’s Nayeon Gives The Most Chaotic Speech Ever As TDOONG High School’s President

Nayeon is effortlessly hilarious 😂

TWICE‘s Nayeon has an incredible sense of humor, and she proved just how hilarious she is in the latest episode of Time To Twice!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

The TWICE members were back in school for the second season of TDOONG High School, and Nayeon is the school’s president.

| TWICE/YouTube

As the school’s president, Nayeon gave a speech before TWICE could start having fun at their school’s Sports Day.

Nayeon shocked the members by revealing that she had actually prepared for her speech!

“You prepared something?” | TWICE/Youtube

Before Nayeon even started her speech, the other members started laughing in anticipation of the chaos about to come.

Nayeon started her speech informally with “dear THS buddies” and the members started laughing even harder while Nayeon looked embarrassed.

Then the members started cheering, “It’s okay! It’s okay!”

However, as soon as Nayeon said “dear THS buddies” again, TWICE started giggling!

Nayeon succeeded on her third try, and she read the next part of her speech, which stated “I’m the first school president of THS, Lim Nayeon.” 

Nayeon continued, “We’re finally having our first THS Sports Day. We were invited by a special friend, so I believe our first Sports Day would be special as well.” 

As Nayeon kept reading, the members continued to laugh and cheered her on.

Although her speech had a truly chaotic start, Nayeon managed to finish giving her speech!

See Nayeon’s full speech and the whole Time To Twice episode below.