Hilarious Tension And Chaos Abound As TWICE Chooses Teams For Sports Day

We’d love to join either team!

Nothing is more chaotic than K-Pop idols choosing teammates for games, and the latest episode of TWICE‘s Time To Twice proves it!

| TWICE/YouTube

In the first episode of TDOONG High School Season 2, the members learned that they’ll be competing against each other on Sports Day. The members also learned that they’d be divided into 2 teams for the competition.

“Sports Day!” | TWICE/YouTube

After the staff revealed that TWICE would be competing for some great prizes, it was time for the members to pick their teams. The members drew red and blue sweatbands out of a container to find out which team they’d be on.

Before the girls chose their teams, Nayeon chaotically shook the container, and its top flew off!

Chaeyoung chose first, and she ended up on the blue team.

As Nayeon went up for her turn, Sana said she’s really strong, and the members wondered if Nayeon would end up with Chaeyoung on the blue team or if she would go to the red team.

Nayeon revealed she was going to the red team!

Dahyun became the red team’s second member.

Chaeyoung wondered out loud who would end up on her team, and Momo said she was curious about which team she’d be on.

When Sana went up for her turn, she upped the tension by playfully moving her hand around the container, so the other members couldn’t tell which team she’d be joining.

Then, she revealed that she was joining Chaeyoung on the blue team.

With two members on each team, the tension reached an all-time high as competitive Jihyo walked to the front of the classrom to pick her team.

The members said “it’s important where she goes” and watched eagerly as Jihyo picked her team.

Jihyo revealed she was going to team blue, and her teammates cheered!

Momo joined the red team, and Nayeon jokingly pretended to be disappointed that Momo was joining her team.

After Momo made her pick, there was only one spot left on each team, so the members watched excitedly as Tzuyu chose her team.

As they watched Tzuyu choose, Momo said “whenever Tzuyu and I are on the same team, it’s not good.” 

Luckily for Momo, Tzuyu went to the blue team, and Mina was automatically added to the red team.

Although picking the teams was hilariously tense and chaotic, we’re sure the actual games will be even more chaotic and competitive!

See the full Time To Twice episode below.