TWICE Members Are So Done With Nayeon Using Them As “Human Chairs,” Here’s Why

Nayeon’s mischief has definitely been mangled.

TWICE’s Nayeon may be the oldest in the group, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know how to cause mischief!

Recently, Nayeon has made waves over the internet for constantly being seeing using her members as “chairs”!

For some odd reason, Nayeon seems to forgo chairs and decides that her members make better furniture.

And the results are hilarious!

While some members take Nayeon’s habit in stride, like Momo

Some, like Tzuyu, just seem to short circuit whenever Nayeon sits on them.

However, things got truly funny during a recent performance, when Nayeon did a “double whammy” and sat on both Tzuyu and Jeongyeon while the group was backstage!

It was then that members of TWICE snapped!

Likely exhausted from Nayeon’s “bad habit,” the girls finally made their feelings on the subject known!

Tzuyu was just so done with Nayeon when she got sat on, while Jeongyeon totally gave Nayeon a glare, as if daring her to try more “human chair” antics…so Nayeon retaliated!

Jeongyeon got a taste of her own medicine by being sat on next! While Nayeon was enacting her revenge, Tzuyu was thankful she got spared while Jihyo just was not having it!

Just in case Nayeon had any funny ideas, Jihyo gave her total side-eye shutting down any future shenanigans!

While we don’t know how the “human chair” saga will ultimately play out, we know that the other members of TWICE better watch their laps because it’s hunting season for Nayeon!