TWICE’s Nayeon Couldn’t Hide Her Excitement At Showing ITZY’s Yeji Her Moves To “ICY”

Nayeon couldn’t wait to show her!

The 2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS (MGMA) just keeps on giving when it comes to adorable interactions between TWICE and ITZY and fans are 100% down for it!


Not only did TWICE prove they are the best unnies around when they cheered ITZY on when they took home their first-ever music awards ceremony win, but they also had some pretty heartwarming interactions after the ceremony too including one very wholesome moment between Nayeon and Yeji!


At the end of the night when everyone came on stage and greeted their fans, ITZY met up with their unnies. What started with Jeongyeon demonstrating a little bit of the choreography to ITZY’s new hit, “ICY”…


Quickly had Nayeon coming over to do a little demonstrating herself and to make sure that Yeji didn’t miss a single move, she cutely tapped her on the shoulder to catch her attention.


Once Yeji’s attention had successfully been captured, Nayeon went on to show her all her “ICY” moves!


And she was done, she linked hands with Yeji and greeted fans with her!


Nayeon’s adorable dance and the way she made sure she caught Yeji’s attention, as well as Yeji’s excited reaction to seeing her has been making everyone melt…


And it proves once again that TWICE and ITZY are the best sisters ever!