TWICE’s Nayeon And Jeongyeon Are Officially The “Judy And Nick” Of K-Pop And Here’s Proof

They could pass for the adorable Zootopia stars!

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Jeongyeon are the most precious duo!

Their differences compliment each other very well, which is part of the reason the two have such a strong friendship. Even visually, fans have noticed how their visuals together give off similar vibes from the iconic duo of Judy and Nick from Zootopia.

In a recent video, the two made the Zootopia fantasy come to life! With Jeongyeon’s sly, fox-like features, she perfectly resembles Nick’s smug expressions.

However, the moment Nayeon enters, it feels like the real Judy has entered the frame!

The two play around as Jeongyeon shrugs off Nayeon, just like Nick does to Judy…

…but the celebration is short-lived when the bunnies come back!

They follow it up with some selfies, capturing the characters’ expressions to a tee.

These two perfectly nailed their characters!

Watch the full video below.