Korean Netizens Can’t Get Over How Perfect TWICE’s Nayeon’s Face Shape Is, Even If Their Compliments Are A Bit Odd

“She has the charms that can’t be replicated through surgery.”

There’s no denying that TWICE‘s Nayeon is an absolute beauty. Even during her pre-debut days, her visuals caught people’s attention as much as her amazing voice did!

Nayeon (TWICE) | SBS

From her proportions to her facial features and her fashion, there’s nothing about Nayeon that doesn’t deserve to be complimented.


But on a recent online forum, Korean netizens were complimenting Nayeon’s face in what some feel like was a bewildering way!

In the post, titled “Nayeon’s face shape is freaking solid”, the original author wrote, “F*ck, she doesn’t have any protruding angle on her side cheekbones. What’s more is that she barely has any space on her temples. For real, how is this possible?”. The post also included the two below screenshots.

Comments on the post agreed with the author’s sentiments, further discussing Nayeon’s “protruding cheekbones” in the most complimentary way possible 😂

  • “Also, just like the pictures, her forehead is so round and pretty… Her front cheeks also have all the good qualities. She has the charms that can’t be replicated through surgery”
  • “But her front cheekbones are so cute and protruding so I’m f*cking jealous”
  • “She doesn’t have protruding side cheekbones and her front cheeks are protruding in a pretty way. I’m so jealous”
  • “Wow seriously, she’s the human pop… She looks f*cking refreshing”

Other fans commenting on the original post, however, are confused about why people are complimenting Nayeon based on her face’s angles, and just think that the TWICE member is pretty because… Well, she’s pretty!

  • “knetz are weird. why do they pay attention to the “protruding angles” in people’s faces? i’ve never thought about that once in my life.”
  • “I think she’s just pretty guys”
  • “Protruding cheek, temple, front temple big etc etc like girls pretty please just call her pretty. What is this dissection going on😭”
  • “Let’s just say she’s pretty, or beautiful, or sweet, or cute, there are so many kind of beauty if we talk about face.”

Regardless of how you compliment Nayeon’s beauty, everyone that discussed this topic is in agreement that she definitely has gorgeous visuals!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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