Here Are The Personal Items That TWICE’s Nayeon Absolutely Can’t Live Without

This might surprise you!

Recently, TWICE‘s Nayeon kicked it old school and showed fans a “What’s In My Bag?” style video. She showed off all of her favorite items, from her seeing glasses…

…to her super stylish sunglasses!

One of her most frequently asked questions was about her favorite contact lenses.

I only use these two types. On normal days, I wear a rich brown color. … and I particularly wear [the gray ones] a lot when I have shooting and on stage.

— Nayeon

Though she’s trying to eat less snacks lately, she revealed a few of her favorite things to eat…

…including a Japanese squid snack from Momo!

She’s also loving early gray flavored caramel and all kinds of gum.

Of course, she can’t forget to add in her favorite drink!

I love all kinds of beverages, but my absolute favorite is Capri Sun! … I have about two of these every day.

— Nayeon

Hilariously, fans also requested to see he favorite brand of toothpaste.

She showed off her Louis Vuitton backpack, complete with matching teddy bear and poodle keychains.

Inside her bag, she always carries around her English flashcards to help her study.

Additionally, she showed some of her cutest accessories.

This one is my favorite scarf. I love this color and it’s really warm. Mina gave it to me as a gift!

— Nayeon

She can pull off any hat and scarf with ease!

Lastly, fans were also interested in her stationary collection.

From her carrot-shaped white-out…

…to her pink fountain pen with her name on it, all of the items just scream, “Nayeon!”

Watch her full log where she goes even more in-depth about everything below.