Netizens Believe TWICE’S Nayeon Entered Her “Legendary” Visual Phase In Latest Photos

She looks like her debut days!

According to netizens, TWICE‘s Nayeon is rewinding the clock to almost 10 years ago with her latest look!

During TWICE’s recent promotions for “Set Me Free,” Nayeon showcased her fresh and youthful visuals…

…and quickly captured fans’ hearts with her signature cute expressions!


Comparing her look TWICE’s debut era of “Like OOH-AHH,” Nayeon seems to not have aged at all!

Netizens couldn’t believe just how much she brought back her 2015 aura.

  • “Nayeon is giving off vibes of her debut era…”
  • “Ah, she’s so pretty… Nayeon in ‘Like OOH-AHH’ had somewhat of an unexplainable aura. She became a more mature and cooler ‘Like OOH-AHH’ Nayeon 😭”


If you didn’t know Nayeon, you might think she was a 4th generation idol just judging by her cute visuals and explosive energy!

On stage, she continues to wow fans with her gorgeous look, making it look easy to wear pigtails and bangs.

Nayeon is truly ageless!

Check out more stunning photos of her below.

Source: Nate Pann