TWICE’s Nayeon Was “Betrayed” By Momo And Chaeyoung — Here’s What Happened

Poor Nayeon! 😂

During the behind-the-scenes interview for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea, TWICE‘s Nayeon answered a variety of questions.

She revealed her ways of preparing for the shoot like practicing her posing and eating less the day before. However, even after the shoot, she still couldn’t eat the special treat she wanted!

Revealing her plans afterwards were to eat pudding with Momo and Chaeyoung, things didn’t go as planned.

Work takes priority over everything and, unfortunately, she missed out on the fun time with the girls!

I’m running a little late so they went off without me…

— Nayeon

However, she wasn’t bitter about it. In fact, she was curious how their date was going.

I already sent them a message asking, ‘Is it good?’

— Nayeon

Nayeon wished them well on their pudding adventure…

…but judging by her face, she’s going to need her fix eventually!

Watch the full interview below.