TWICE’s Momo Surprised Nayeon During Her Solo Shoot — And It Will Make You Soft

Momo brought her the most iconic gift.

During the behind-the-scenes filming of Nayeon‘s “Love Is Everything” Melody Project, fellow TWICE member Momo decided to pay her a visit.

Not only did Momo travel over an hour all the way to another province to support Nayeon…

…she did it all without telling her!

Momo revealed the Nayeon came to Momo’s solo shooting, so she wanted to repay the love and support.

She also brought croffle, a Korean streetfood that’s a mixture of a croissant and a waffle, as well as her dog, Boo.

And for ONCE, she brought her barefaced beauty!

When Momo entered the room, Nayeon completely lit up at the unexpected sight of her friend.

Momo’s love doesn’t stop there. She admits she actually brought as many croffles as they would allow her to buy at once! She was able to feed both the staff and Nayeon.

Plus, she told her just how long her journey took.

In the end, Nayeon was in disbelief that Momo had done so much for her.


The results are in — The croffle was delicious!

Watch the adorable reunion below!