Netizens Shocked After Realizing TWICE Nayeon’s Outfit For “POP” Was Made From A Designer Towel

Nayeon made it look runway-ready!

Earlier in the month, TWICE’s Nayeon made history as she became the first member of the group to make her solo debut. The idol released her album IM NAYEON with the title track “POP,” and it isn’t surprising to know that netizens worldwide are obsessed with the song.

TWICE’s Nayeon with her new album | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Along with the catchy song, the music video immediately gained praise from netizens worldwide for bringing back classic K-Pop “pop” music with its high energy and bright themes.

Nayeon’s music video for “POP” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube
| JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

In particular, Nayeon gained attention for the huge number of outfits she wore in the music video. Not only did she change into so many iconic outfits, but she managed to slay in every single one of the diverse looks ranging from different brands and themes.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube
| JYP Entertainment/YouTube
| JYP Entertainment/YouTube

One outfit that automatically stood out to fans in the music video was the pink Louis Vuitton ensemble. Although many found out the details of the accessories the idol wore, the main piece caught their attention, yet many couldn’t find the piece on the internet.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube
| JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

Well, it seems like there is a reason for that, and it’s because the piece is unique to Nayeon in the best way ever. On one of the teasers, there is a closer look at the beautiful piece and it seems like it is special because…

It’s actually made from a towel! Fans realized that the bodysuit isn’t available for sale as it was created from the Louis Vuitton “Monogram Beach Towel Escale” which retails at $975. The beautiful pink towel sports the signature logo and contrasts two shades of the color.

The towel turned into Nayeon’s outfit | Louis Vuitton
| Louis Vuitton

When netizens found out that Nayeon was actually wearing a towel, they couldn’t believe it and took to social media to not only praise the idol for her visuals in the outfit but the stylists. They have ensured that Nayeon has a unique piece that nobody else has worn but also made something that looks straight off the catwalk.

Yet, it isn’t the first time that the TWICE members have gotten creative with their outfits. For the “Alcohol-Free” music video, the members gained attention after their outfits, including Nayeon’s, were created from scarves.

Nayeon “Alcohol Free” outfit | @twicewear/Instagram

Although Nayeon was wearing a towel, the idol proved that her visuals and elegance can make anything look like a designer outfit. It might not have been done before but it wouldn’t be surprising if more celebrities take inspiration from Nayeon’s look to create their own pieces.

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