TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals Her Decision To Cut Out Plastic In Her Life

Here’s what inspired her.

TWICE‘s Nayeon has decided to start living plastic-free!

Recently, Nayeon’s “TW-LOG With SECRET FRIEND” vlog was finally released.

At the start of the video, she had just finished her work for the day and was resting at the dorm. “I finished all my schedules today, so I’m back in the dorm.

When on the topic of her dinner, she mentioned her newfound resolve to stop using plastic. She explained that she had heard about its adverse effects on the environment and was inspired to contribute to the efforts to save the earth.

I’ve decided to stop ordering food, so I’m thinking about what to eat for dinner now. I heard that plastic containers are really bad for you and the environment.

— Nayeon

The vlog marked her first day giving up plastic. “So this is Day 1 of a plastic-free life. Day 1? Half a day!

So far, Nayeon has been successful! She described the meals she ate during the day, which included packed lunch so that she could avoid ordering take-out.

 For breakfast, before I headed out for work, I had some cereal with milk and I had some bread during break time. I also had packed lunch. I’m not terribly hungry, but I could get hungry in the middle of the night, so I’m trying to eat something now.

— Nayeon

Nayeon’s newfound resolve to cut out plastic in her life is admirable!

Catch more of Nayeon in the full vlog below.

Source: TWICE