TWICE’s Nayeon Had A Tough Time Learning The “POP!” Choreography—But Her Innate Talent Won Out

She’s a true professional!

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently made her solo debut with “POP!” She became the first among the nine members to promote her music individually.

Nayeon soon revealed that it wasn’t an easy thing to do. In an interview with Billboard, she touched on the challenges that she faced when recording the IM NAYEON album without her members.

When I’m working by myself, I feel more pressure to be responsible for my own decisions. I have to be really sure of myself, and that can be a challenge!

— Nayeon

TWICE | @twicetagram/Instagram

It was also difficult to learn the dance as the sole person in the spotlight. Contrary to the effortlessness that she currently exudes on stage, Nayeon had a hard time performing at the beginning.

She found out during her first practice session that the “POP!” choreography was more complicated than expected, leading her to ask the choreographer to repeat certain moves for her to analyze again.

It was not surprising that she grew exhausted soon thereafter. She even asked her fellow dancers, “I’m not the only one [tired], right?”

Besides the complicated moves, she also couldn’t help but cringe slightly at particularly cutesy parts.

True to her reputation as a senior K-Pop star, however, she easily put on her professional hat and danced the night away.

She learned quickly with only a few explanations needed.

Nayeon was performance ready from the very first practice!

Check out the full video below to see just how talented and hard working Nayeon is.

Source: YouTube