TWICE Nayeon’s Recent Airport Appearance Has Fans Swooning Over Her Adorable Visuals

“Woah I never thought her and Hyein looked alike until now.”

You can learn a lot about a K-Pop idol based on how they dress for the airport, and a recent appearance by TWICE‘s Nayeon at such a location has netizens talking!

Nayeon (TWICE) | JYP Entertainment

Nayeon looked adorably cozy and warm in thick sweatpants and a plush jacket, topping the look off with a knitted cap.

Many people have commented that she looks similar to NewJeans‘ Hyein in these pictures in particular!

Nayeon does look as gorgeous and fresh-faced as she always has, and you would never guess that she’s been in the K-Pop industry for over eight years now.

Not just anyone could pull of this kind of look either, but Nayeon manages to do so with ease!

Here’s what netizens are saying about the pictures, which were shared on an online forum post.

It seems like Nayeon could pull off pretty much any look!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa