TWICE’s Nayeon Sends out a New Year Message to Her Fans

Why is Nayeon excited for 2019?

Nayeon, who’s the lead vocalist and lead dancer of TWICE, sent out a New Year message to her fans.

The talented star was born in the year 1995, which makes her the year of the pig. With 2019 being the year of the pig, Nayeon expressed her anticipation for what’s to come. The message reads as follows:

“Hello, I’m Nayeon from TWICE. It’s now 2019. We had a really meaningful 2018 thanks to all of you. TWICE released its fourth album, held independent concerts in Korea as well as abroad, and we received a meaningful award as we shared precious moments with our fans.

I believe this is all thanks to our fans who cheered us on. We are sincerely thankful to you.

With the year of the pig coming up, I’m thinking of how we can repay you for the love you’ve given us. I hope our thoughts and efforts will create good results that reach our ONCE fans. We promise to work hard in 2019 so that we can continue to give you good music, performances, and TWICE’s energy.

I ask that you continue to give us lots of love. I hope you stay healthy and have a year full of happy moments. Thank you.”


Source: Aju News