TWICE’s Nayeon Spoils Their New Japanese Single To Be Released In May

“Nayeon spoiler queen!”

TWICE have revealed that they will be releasing their eighth Japanese single in May–and have already spoiled part of the song!

Before the official announcement via TWICE’s official Japanese Twitter account, the girls had already given their fans a spoiler for this new single. At the end of their Twice In Wonderland live-stream concert, Nayeon said: “The concert may be over and we look forward to meeting you again. We’ll drop a huge spoiler.”

| JYP Entertainment

She then shared that their new Japanese single, “Kura Kura,” will be released on May 12! She even spoiled part of the single while performing their hit “TT.”

“Kura Kura” was written by Park Jin Young and shows how “one falls in love at first sight and plunges into a world where only two of them exist.” We’re looking forward to hearing this undoubtedly sweet love song!

Source: Korea Herald