Fans Trend #ProtectNayeon And Urge Action For TWICE Nayeon’s Safety Due To Death Threats Made By Her Stalker

Fans are calling for her protection.

As many fans will know, TWICE‘s Nayeon has been struggling with a stalker named Josh for over a year now. Through the time, he has made multiple approaches on the girls, even going so far as to approach them on a plane and leaking Chaeyoung‘s number.

Last April, fans were highly concerned as Josh expressed extreme emotions regarding Nayeon’s personal life, and indicated a motivation to hurt her physically.

| @momoring_aling/Twitter

The issue resurfaced recently given that Josh did a voice interview with RBGTalk where he shared his thoughts and emotions regarding the topic. Fans have claimed that Josh is threatening to rally a group of people to kill Nayeon. However, given that he is unable to enter South Korea for the time being due to covid restrictions, this statement from Josh may be dubious.

| @momoring_aling/Twitter

He has also made requests for Nayeon to “let him know” if she does not want him to come back to Korea. However, this may threaten her privacy and safety given that he is requesting personal contact with her, and not via her management. Nayeon’s company has addressed the issue prior.

Previously, it was reported that the criminal complaints against Josh have not been withdrawn, and the Immigration Service has been instructed to contact the police to have him taken directly from the airport when he returns to Korea.