TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Allegedly Threatens To Kill Her If She “Dates Secretly”

Fans are urging JYP Entertainment to take action in light of new, violent threats.

Alarmed TWICE fans are fearing for Nayeon‘s safety in light of violent threats allegedly made by her stalker.

At the end of December 2019, a foreign stalker known as Josh approached Nayeon during TWICE’s flight back to Korea from Japan. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Josh admitted to approaching Nayeon on the flight to give her his love letters.

Following the incident, JYP Entertainment filed for a restraining order and made criminal complaints. On March 18, Star News reported that the restraining order has been temporarily withdrawn due to problems with its delivery, as Josh returned home to Germany at the end of January after leaking Chaeyoung‘s phone number.

Josh has regularly communicated with ONCE via Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

i want nayeon to be happy. i don’t know her true opinion about me but maybe she wants me to go back to germany. thats why i decided to go back to germany now. i always respect nayeons decisions. and i really want nayeon to be happy.

— Josh

According to Star News’s source from JYP Entertainment, the criminal complaints against Josh have not been withdrawn, and the Immigration Service has been instructed to contact the police to have him taken directly from the airport when he returns to Korea. Although protective measures have been put into place for Nayeon’s safety, fans are urging ONCE to reach out to JYP Entertainment once again to report new threats.

In these screenshots shared by @twicehugs on Instagram, a user alleged to be Josh threatened to kill Nayeon if she secretly dates someone else while “ignoring” him. “Every sane person would kill her,” one message says.

In an audio recording shared in another post, Josh says the following: “I would never hurt Nayeon, but if she dates secretly behind my back without talking to me about it, then of course, are you f***ing ret**ded, man? Are you f***ing completely ret**ded? This is the most normal thing to do if someone betrays you, if your true love betrays you, and she knows that you truly love her, and Nayeon knows that I truly love her, and if she would still date secretly behind my back, and she certainly knows because I talked to her during the airplane flight, then of course, what do you think…”

A third post shares additional text messages including this chilling declaration: “If she dates secretly behind my back without telling me, of course I would 100% kill her.” 

If Nayeon’s stalker reaches out to you online or in-person, contact with any helpful information so they might pass it on to the proper authorities for investigation.

Source: Star News