TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Sends A Warning To “Childish” Netizens

He will not allow anyone to make her feel “uncomfortable”.

TWICE Nayeon‘s stalker has sent a warning to netizens, in response to recent events.


Recently, a story posted to TWICE’s official Instagram account hinted that Nayeon’s foreign stalker, Josh (@YoshTG), followed them onto their plane.

Please go home.

Please stop.

I beg you.


Soon after, the Instagram story was deleted and Josh tweeted his perspective. He confirmed that he was indeed on the plane, but claimed that TWICE’s managers “attacked” him “for no good reason”.


Josh insists that he is a misunderstood person who wants to make Nayeon happy by confessing his love for her. He has accused “bullies” at JYP Entertainment and news outlets of showing him in a bad light.


So far, netizen responses have been overwhelmingly negative. Fans are pointing out why Josh’s behavior is inappropriate, urging him to leave TWICE alone.


On January 1, Josh addressed the “kids on the internet who don’t want Nayeon to be happy”. He says, “I will go against everyone who is trying to make her feel uncomfortable.” 


If the sasaeng reaches out to you online or in-person during his search for Nayeon, you should immediately contact with any helpful information so they might pass it on to the proper authorities for investigation.