How TWICE’s Nayeon Takes Care Of Her Mental Health As One Of K-Pop’s Biggest Idols

Because fame and fortune don’t guarantee peace.

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently made her long-awaited solo debut with the title track “POP!” The bubbly song and fun choreography were an instant hit among listeners.

TWICE’s Nayeon 

Aside from the music, one of the most exciting parts about the debut is the many opportunities fans have to see her. An example of this is when she sat down for an interview with lifestyle magazine ELLE.

One of the topics she discussed was about her dual identity as a K-Pop idol and ordinary person. In her own words, “There’s no difference between TWICE’s Nayeon and Im Nayeon.

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When asked how she is able to successfully separate her work and rest time, she explained that her mental and physical health are dependent on her designating specific times to them. She puts in the effort to have an “onstage” and “offstage” time during the day.

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But given her busy schedule, she’s been having difficulty finding a moment’s peace for herself, which is why she tries to fit in some rest in between activities.

It’s very crucial for my mental and physical health to have designated onstage and offstage time. But these days, my schedule is very busy! So it’s been hard to find a peaceful moment in my life lately. I try to find any time in between working to take a rest and heal myself to prepare myself for the next schedule.

— Nayeon

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Even when she’s in a crowded and busy location, she looks for a quiet area to relax. Her absolute favorite thing to do when she needs peace, however, is to surround herself with greenery and nature. It’s a surefire way to help her heal!

Because I go to broadcast studios a lot, I meet a lot of people. That’s my job. So I try to find a quiet, peaceful and very natural place when I have the time. I find healing in my life when I look at greeneries, like trees and grass. Nature and fresh air bring me a lot of peace.

— Nayeon

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Nayeon’s dedication to her work while still looking out for her health is admirable. It’s no wonder she is loved by many people and is considered one of K-Pop’s most popular idols.

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Source: ELLE