TWICE’s Nayeon Slayed Her Concept Photos For Her First Solo Album And Koreans Can’t Get Enough

They can’t get enough!

TWICE‘s center, Nayeon, is set to make her solo debut soon! She will be dropping a self-titled album, IM NAYEON. As TWICE’s first member to make a solo debut, fans have been waiting for this day forever.

On June 9, 2022, she released the second round of concept photos. Nayeon stunned with a monochromatic retro look.

Nayeon’s concept photo. | JYP Entertainment

She looked gorgeous in a checkered jumpsuit and matching headband. The gold hoops added to the retro vibe.

Nayeon’s concept photo. | JYP Entertainment

In the second outfit, she rocks a purple cow-print two-piece.

Nayeon’s concept photo. | JYP Entertainment

The pink cowboy hat suits her so well.

Nayeon’s concept photo. | JYP Entertainment

Fans were stunned by the slayage! They had nothing but prase for her. In fact, many of them were pleased to see that she changed up her hairstyle, getting rid of her bangs.

Netizen reactions to her concept photos. | theqoo
  • “Ugh, f*cking pretty. Her forehead is a treasure.”
  • “The top pic is so pretty. She suits the headband so well.”
  • “She looks really pretty in a headband…”
  • “Cowboy, daebaek.”
  • “Nayeon without bangs is the truth.”
  • “Everything that gets released is all pretty.”
  • “Nayeonnie is so pretty. I thought that I was a fan of another group but at this point, I’ve just been won over by her unwittingly.”

For years Nayeon has maintained her bangs. They made her look fresh and pretty, but the new hairstyle is a welcome change!

IM NAYEON drops on June 24, 2022, at 1pm KST.


Source: theqoo