TWICE’s Nayeon Trends Worldwide After The Release Of Her “Santa Tell Me” Cover

She immediately began trending!

TWICE‘s Nayeon trended worldwide after the release of her surprise Christmas cover of Ariana Grande‘s “Santa Tell Me”!


Nayeon released her new cover on YouTube, December 24, midnight KST. When she released the cover, Nayeon also left a sweet message for her fans at the end of the video:


ts not much, but I prepared this for ONCE. It’s “Santa Tell Me” which ONCE likes. I hope you enjoy this!

Let’s wrap up the remainder of 2019 well so that we can have en even more enjoyable 2020.

Be careful not to catch colds! Don’t get sick! Merry Christmas!



Upon the release of her cover, ONCEs immediately began to trend the cover with the hashtag #Nayeon_SantaTellMe. Within a few hours, she soon took the #2 spot on Twitter’s Worldwide trends!



Nayeon’s video soon began trended in 18 countries on YouTube:


And it also trended in 16 countries overall!


Nayeon also posted a picture of Instagram, tanking ONCEs for listening to the song, and asking them to anticipate the behind-the-scenes footage of the MV!


Merry Christmas

Please look forward to the behind-the-scenes footage



Listen to her cover of “Santa Tell Me” here!