TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Said She Doesn’t Deserve Him, States He Feels JYP Has No Legal Grounds

“She could have protected me from the managers.”

Earlier this week, TWICE posted a message on their Instagram Stories that read: “Please go home. Please stop. I beg you.” That same day, Nayeon‘s stalker revealed that he managed to get on the same flight as the girls while also claiming that he was “attacked” by the group’s managers for “no good reason” and sent a warning out to “childish bullies“.

Despite being aware of what was posted to the @twicetagram’s Instagram Stories, the stalker insists that the message was posted by a manager and not a member of TWICE. In addition, he has since released a video sharing his side of the story which we have summarized here.

In his video, he states that people on Twitter told him which flight TWICE would be on and he took the chance and bought tickets to Japan, despite the fact that it was expensive. He also shows the seating chart as he remembers it. The manager (seated across the aisle next to Josh) is the one he alleges was the one who posted the photo to the Instagram account.

Source: Josh1994/YouTube

He explained that during the flight, he stood to give his letters to Nayeon. He said TWICE was sleeping when he approached Nayeon and asked her in Korean to read his letters. At this point, the managers had left their seats to separate Josh from Nayeon. Despite being held at a distance by the managers, he screamed out, “Nayeon, saranghae!”

In an attempt to distract Nayeon from Josh’s attempts to communicate, he states that the managers kept yelling, “No, no, no, no!” Josh alleges that the flight crew threatened to call the police on TWICE’s management for being “loud“. There was a dispute about who should be calling the police on who, with TWICE’s management insisting they would report him to the police for stalking, while Josh insisted that it was him that would be calling the police on their management.

Josh said the manager claimed to be a “legal entity” for Nayeon and communicated on her behalf, asking him to leave. Josh insisted that he needs to hear from Nayeon herself and that is, in fact, not a stalker.

It’s quite sad how JYP Entertainment and the managers are being quite disrespectful to me but also trying to portray me as the bad guy.


He said that he doesn’t know what Nayeon had heard about him, and the fact that Nayeon and Jeongyeon (as she was Nayeon’s seatmate on the flight) pretended to continue sleeping while the dispute happened was disappointing.

To be honest, I’m a little bit disappointed in Nayeon because she could have stood up and scolded the managers. She could have protected me from the managers. She could have come to the managers and told them, ‘Stop’. And, she could have easily [unintelligible] and talk with me to talk this out, so I’m quite disappointed.


Source: Newsen

Not only was he disappointed by Nayeon’s lack of action in protecting him but he also felt like it may have been a sign that she wasn’t interested in him.

If she was really awake and really, like, I feel like she could have really helped me out here and she didn’t so that’s also kind of a sign that maybe she doesn’t like me, and if that’s true, I will go back to Germany but I’m not sure yet. I kind of wish I knew already.


After showing a rare sliver of self-awareness that Nayeon isn’t actually interested in him, he backtracks and says that he’s not sure about how she feels and wishes that he “knew already” before going on to say that if she decided she doesn’t like him without getting to know him first, then she doesn’t deserve him.

It made it really look like she doesn’t give… Yeah, like she had wrong information about me and doesn’t like me at all, and if that’s true then she can actually… You know, she doesn’t deserve me. She can do whatever she wants, I don’t care.


I’m kind of pissed actually that she [unintelligible]…


He said that he threw his letters at her and he has no idea whether she took his letters or not, but he has not received any feedback from her or any other members.

Josh said that Tzuyu and Momo saw him crying and looked worried for him, although it’s most likely that they were shocked and frightened by the display in front of them.

He stated once again that he didn’t buy the information but it was provided freely to him on Twitter.

It’s not like I bought information… People can either help me for free or they can get the f*ck off.


After releasing his video, Josh later took to Twitter to exclaim that JYP Entertainment had no grounds for legal action against him and that they are “pathetic” and “childish“.

Source: YoshTG/Twitter

If the stalker reaches out to you online or in-person during his search for Nayeon, you should immediately contact with any helpful information so they might pass it on to the proper authorities for investigation.