Photos from a Recent Rehearsal Prove How Hard TWICE Works

Jeongyeon looks so exhausted…

Following Jeongyeon‘s recent confession about TWICE‘s schedule, footage of one of their rehearsals has come into light.

On the 1st of last month, MBC Music K-Pop Concert on Guam took place at Governor Joseph Flores Memorial Park.

In preparation for their performance, TWICE rehearsed their cheerful and active song, “Yes or Yes”.

When the footage of the rehearsal was released on YouTube, fans responded with worry and pity.

The reason is that the TWICE members looked absolutely exhausted practicing under the scorching sun.

Even though they managed to smile and look cheerful during the song, they were unable to hide their exhaustion as soon as it ended.

In the footage, Nayeon and Momo can be seen leaning forward and panting heavily.

The look of exhaustion on Jihyo and Jeongyeon‘s faces also pained the hearts of their fans.

Since their performance of “Yes or Yes” was after their performances of “Likey” and “Dance the Night Away”, it’s no wonder they were exhausted.

In response to the footage, fans made comments such as:

  • “The heat must have made their choreography that much harder.”
  • “They should really take a break.”
  • “Their schedule is way too crazy.”

The footage can be watched below:

Source: Insight