TWICE Was Shown Photos Of Their Toned & Healthy Bodies, And Their Reactions Were 100% Relatable

Something caught their eye.

When TWICE stopped over LA as part of their world tour, they impressed with their fun, charismatic, and entertaining performances. But they also made headlines for a completely different reason—their toned bodies!

TWICE’s Momo | @tphamBU/Twitter

Fan-taken pictures highlighting their fit physique quickly spread online.

In a recent vlog, the girls were shown some of the most popular ones, and Mina’s shot stood out to them the most. It was so shocking, in fact, that multiple articles were written about it and she went viral online.

TWICE’s Mina

Fans who viewed the photo praised Mina for being “cool,” likening her to a superhero.

| theqoo
  • “Wow I suddenly want to exercise. She’s so cool.”
  • “The first pic looks like she could be a Marvel heroine. How cool.”
  • “Wow you could plunk her into any computer game and she’d fit right in.”
  • “Wow she looks like a Marvel heroine.”
  • Unnie…. *flops*”
  • “Wow her abs are cool”
  • “F*cking cool”
  • “Wow feels like I saw this in Marvel. She’s so cool.”

Jihyo saw the picture and hilariously renamed their group “T-PM,” the T standing for “TWICE” and the “PM” a reference to boy group 2PM who is famous for their muscular bodies.

This is T-PM. ‘TWICE Mina Showed Her Abs During the LA Concert.’ Even 2PM would be impressed.

— Jihyo

Boy group 2PM

Clearly, the girls were shocked by it. Sana even joked that Mina looked like DC superhero Aquaman.

“Aquaman” played by actor Jason Momoa

Mina looked shy as she explained that she originally thought it was edited. She asked fans if they had photoshopped it, and they replied that they simply corrected the color. In other words, her abs were definitely real!

I asked the fans if the photoshopped it. They said they only corrected the color, and this is what they got.

— Mina

The girls then focused on another picture, which showed Mina, Jihyo, and Momo in one shot as they danced on stage.

Their reactions ranged from making jokes that it looked like a fitness competition—not a concert—to disbelief in both fans’ skills and their members’ toned arms.

  • Sana: It doesn’t look like it’s from an idol concert. Doesn’t it look like it’s from a fitness championship?
  • Nayeon: How did they take this picture?
  • Jeongyeon: Wow.

But after the admiration wore off, they noticed how flawless their formation was. Despite Mina, Jihyo, and Momo’s different heights, they were able to make their canes align perfectly. It was impressive, indeed!

  • Tzuyu: We’re perfectly lined up.
  • Sana: The angle is perfect.
  • Nayeon: We’re holding them at the same height. We lined up perfectly.

It almost seems like they were more interested in the choreography than their muscular physique, but it also shows their dedication to work, which is all the more reason to love them.


And in case you were curious about the other fan-taken photos of the girls, look no further than the article below. They’re equally as jaw-dropping!

Korean Netizens Praise TWICE’s Healthy And Fit Bodies

Source: YouTube


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