TWICE’s Mina Goes Viral For Her Amazing And Healthy Physique

From princess to hero!

TWICE‘s Mina has always been known for her elegant and graceful image. Fans know her as the beautiful swan. From her flawless skin to her slim arms and legs, she’s widely admired for her beauty.

But behind her svelte frame hides a healthy and strong core. Thanks to years of ballet training, Mina’s core is in top condition. She always has had her 11-abs since debut.

Fans noticed that as time passed, her strength only grew.

By 2022, Mina was boasting a six-pack! In TWICE’s recent live concert held in the USA, Mina’s body stunned the crowd with its muscular form. Not only did she now have washboard abs, she also built up her arm muscles.

Fans were impressed by her healthy body.

| theqoo
  • “Wow I suddenly want to exercise. She’s so cool.”
  • “The first pic looks like she could be a Marvel heroine. How cool.”
  • “Wow you could plunk her into any computer game and she’d fit right in.”
  • “Wow she looks like a Marvel heroine.”
  • Unnie…. *flops*”
  • “Wow her abs are cool”
  • “F*cking cool”
  • “Wow feels like I saw this in Marvel. She’s so cool.”

With that physique, she could beat up any villain any time! Way to go, Mina!

Source: theqoo