TWICE Is Preparing For Their Comeback After Four Months

They’ve already filmed the music video.

Only four months since “FANCY”, TWICE is reportedly already preparing for a new comeback.

The group has already filmed the music video, JYP Entertainment has stated that they don’t know when exactly they will release the song and promote. They will reveal the exact date in a later time.

Additonally, it is still unsure if Mina will be joining this comeback. Though she has returned to Korea after a period of rest in Japan, she is still focused on recovery after experiencing intense anxiety and insecurity on top of other health concerns.

If TWICE were to comeback in late August, it would be four months since the release of their seventh mini album “FANCY YOU”, which was released on April 22 of this year. After the release of “FANCY”, the girls embarked on a world tour.

Source: Naver